EN: The members of UNION FOR PROGRESS (UFP) DRCongo are on the ground in Bukavu where they visit the different villages, as an inspection in the areas where they must help to support the different sections of the population who are in the villages. needs. Visit of UNION FOR PROGRESS members to KIKINDI hospital where they had an interview with some patients and among them many complain of lack of means to pay for their hospitalization expenses. UNION FOR PROGRESS has paid for the hospitalization costs of a few patients and intends to pay soon for the remaining group.
FR: Les membres de UFP de la ville de BUKAVU en République démocratique du Congo.


Our main mission is to help people in need of progress around the world and find solutions to their problems which has overwhelmed them through our projects.


Our vision is to give a helping hand to people today so that they can help others tomorrow.


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